The Team

This is our team.

A strong, smiling dream team of experienced agronomists, gardeners and garden professionals, standing out for their scientific training and long-standing experience.

A team that highly masters the tasks it is assigned with and has all the necessary means to carry them through promptly, easily and successfully. Our strength is Our people. They have been selected based on very strict criteria and mostly due to their passion, dedication and persistence in quality. Most of them have been in our service for many years and they have become part of our big family.

Our top priority is the constant and systematic training of our people. We regularly hold seminars with specialised rapporteurs, presenting modern international trends with emphasis on health and safety issues. This helps the team enhance their performance by keeping up with current developments and assimilate our philosophy and vision for constant innovation.

According to a saying, both people and plants grown in a garden and we all know that to be true. We are the third generation of this company and we feel that our life is dedicated to the care and protection of a “green” world.

We love what we do, it is our choice and we do it with respect and true passion. We continue with the vision that we inherited from the previous generations, while taking our own steps into the future. We feel proud of building a modern company that has been greatly appreciated by both customers and partners and we keep on moving forward.
We seek to constantly upgrade our work, to always be ahead of developments. We look all over the world for new methods and styles that broaden our knowledge and help us remain pioneers.
The emphasis we have placed on the quality of the relationships that we build with customers and partners is highly acknowledged and appreciated, and we are certain that this is the most important parameter that led us to success.

Νikos & Fotini Vasiliadi



Nick Vasiliadis

Chief executive

Head of the Garden Center since 1990, Mr. Nikos gives new impetus to the company. His modern view of entrepreneurship, his talent and persistence in quality, his creative approach and the fact that he loves everything ‘green’ are the elements that led him to the top of the industry.


Fotini Vasiliadou 

Director of Financial and Human Resources

Mrs Foteini is the Deputy Director of the garden center since 1990 and responsible for the Human Resources department of the company. She is always organized, calm and effective. She also has been a tourism business executive and is very experienced in company management. But, first of all, Foteini is… always bright and smiling.


Efi Vasiliadou 

Marketing Director

Having graduated from the department of Business Administration in the University of Macedonia, she is the latest forceful member of Vasiliadis family. Communication strategy, contacting customers and the capitalization of marketing tools are some aspects of her field. Αs a gentle, independent and enthusiastic individual leaves her personal mark on the executive team of the company and strives to carry on the family tradition, adding the contemporary view of her age.


Eleni Kouthouri 

Accounting department

As the Administrator of the Garden Center Vassiliadis, the last 13 years, Eleni is dealing with accounting issues and has substantially contributed to the organization of the company. Eleni is very dear to all, partners, customers and suppliers, because she is driven, reliable, has team spirit and a sense of humor and is always in a good mood.


Loukia Konstantinidou


Loukia works as a secretary at the Garden Center Vassiliadis since 2010. She can solve any problem or answer any question that might arise. With kindness, a good sense of humor and absolute professionalism, she surely knows how to satisfy the needs and wishes of every customer or vendor.


Manolis Charizopoulos

Purchasing Department

Manolis has been responsible for the Procurement Department of the Garden Center Vassiliadis since 2013 and he has the experience needed in order to choose the right value for money products that meet the quality standards of our company and the needs or requirements of our customers.



Julia Gioka 

Secretariat – Technical Department

Julia is always willing to help and takes care of everything since 2006. She works in the technical department of the company as a secretary and is responsible for the proper organization and operation of all the administrative tasks of the technical department. Fast, smart, efficient and always ready to help.


Dimitris Dalamanos

Garden Maintenance Manager

He works at the Garden Center Vassiliadis since 1998 and has been the Head of Garden Care Department, that specializes in garden maintenance, since 2013. Dimitris has extensive experience in landscape architecture matters gained from his daily occupation and continuous training that the company offers to its executives. Communicative, willing and hard-working, Dimitris focuses on the care of gardens, whose beauty makes them stand out.


Dimitris Kirtsos 

Agronomist, Garden Care

Dimitris became a member of the Garden Center Vassiliadis team in 2004 and has since engaged in the promotion of cooperation, in the field of Garden Design and maintenance. His scientific training and his love for the natural environment always leads to the best results. He is cooperative, friendly and highly informed on his field of work.


Kostas Sakellaris

Quality Control, Garden Design

Kostas works at the Garden Center Vassiliadis since 2007 and deals with garden quality control and customer service. He has earned everyone’s respect due to his distinct character and his scientific knowledge, which is constantly evolving. His experience in forest authorities, topographical land surveys, management and technical studies, as well as the current everyday challenges of his work make him an irreplaceable team member.


Maria Pateraki 

Architect, Garden Design

Her love for nature and design led Maria to the ideal position in the Garden Center Vassiliadis. She promotes cooperation in the design, manufacturing and maintenance of Landscape Architecture projects. Her scientific training and her artistic talent, always lead to the best possible results.


Kleio Miniotaki

Architect, Garden Design

After ten years of working in an architectural office of New York, Kleio has transferred her knowledge, experience and desire to create to the Garden Center Vassiliadis since 2001.



Chrisoula Strava

Director, Garden for All

Her love for nature and plants and her agronomic studies helped Chrisoula to put her expert knowledge in the natural environment to good use. She is the director of the Garden for all Department and works daily with an excellent team of agronomists to provide services, help and advice to anyone who loves everything ‘green’ and wants to create their own little paradise.


Kiriakos Dragiotis

Client Service, Garden for All

Kyriakos has been working at the Garden Center Vassiliadis since 2003. He deals with customer service and sales development while monitoring the plant production in the private areas of the Garden. He has thorough knowledge of the subject, which helps him understand each customer’s needs and propose ideal solutions for every case. He is enthusiastic, loves what he does and is always willing to do his best.


Thrasymvoyli Pelka

Client Service, Garden for All

Pelka has been working at the Garden Center Vassiliadis for 6 years. She is responsible, creative and always willing to help, explain and offer her services. Her scientific training matches perfectly with the expertise and innovation that characterizes our company. She has team spirit and fully understands the philosophy and the vision of the company for modern quality services.


Vaggelis Papadopoylos

Technisian, Garden for All

A graduated Agriculturalist who has been involved in landscaping for 20 years. Since 2018, he has been an active member in the executive team of Garden Center Vasiliadis. Ηe is always ready to attend to customers politely, to explain, to recommend. With his experience and dedication to details, he is able to guarantee the quality of the plants and he is also the person in charge of the general aesthetics of our wholesale nursery.


Isaak Cobaorae

Technisian Assistant, Garden For All

With a warm smile and a real zest for work, this is the person who takes care of the quality maintenance of our company’s plants and the wholesale nursery’s aesthetic on a daily basis. He has been working in Garden Center Vasiliadis since 2017. He is always in good spirits, willing, pleasant, fast and effective, inspiring our customers’ trust.