Fiva Club

For those of you who love your patch of green and care for it with love and great effort, the Garden Center VASILIADI has a great gift to offer. A “green” card. The Fiva green card.

The Fiva green card was created to offer premiums and discounts that will help you enjoy gardening. It is available for free and, apart from special prices and gifts for your purchases, it offers many other benefits, such as personal information and advice for all the plants you have selected. Note that all that comes with the guarantee and reliability of the largest GARDEN CENTER in Northern Greece.
Get your Fiva green card today and gain personal customer care, special privileges, discounts and many gifts.

Application for FIVA GREEN CARD

Please grant me the Fiva Green Card, in accordance with the terms and conditions of use, which I have read and fully accept without any reservation. I declare that the personal data provided in my application are accurate and true and I give my explicit consent for the collection, keeping and processing of said personal data in accordance with the particular conditions for the acquisition and use of the Fiva Green Card referred to above.

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    Terms of use of the Fiva Green Card

    ➢ This card is not a credit card. It is a personal card and it is used by its owner as a reward for purchases of products in order to enjoy the privileges provided.

    ➢ The privileges and promotions associated with the use of the card shall be subject at any time to modification or withdrawal without notice or consent of the cardholder.

    ➢ The points earned by the cardholder cannot be transferred, ceded or exchanged for cash or used in any other way, rather than solely in accordance with the above offers and privileges, as in force at the time of purchase.

    ➢ In case of loss, theft or destruction of the card, the cardholder may directly inform the Garden Center Vasiliadi for the reissue of a new card and the cancellation of the old one. 

    ➢ The information that you provide in the application is intended for the exclusive use of the Garden Center Vasiliadi and it is in no way disclosed to a third party, in accordance with Law 2472/1997 on personal data. You have the right to request in writing that the data pertaining to you be communicated to you or deleted.