Corporate History…

Three generations later, the Garden Center Vasiliadi continues to offer the most inspired ideas in garden design and landscape architecture with the same passion and love.

In 1965, Nikos Vasiliadis, being an agronomist specialising in horticulture and particularly in the research of the cross-fertilisation of varieties, created the first plant nursery and engaged in floriculture.
He passed on his passion to his son Giannis, who entered the business in 1975, and highly contributed to the growth of the company due to his specialization in forest trees. In 1990, Nikos Vasiliadis, the founder’s grandson and third generation nursery gardener, joined in. Filled with vision and ambition, he turned the family business into a modern company and led it to the top of the sector.



Inspired by practices that he had discovered all over the world, he extended his activities to landscape architecture. New services were added, while the unparalleled aesthetics and knowledge, as well as the quality of the plants that he selects, make him stand out as a pioneer in garden creation and care.

Today, Nikos Vasiliadis is the head of a modern Garden Center taking advantage of three generations of experience. The quality of services and products, the international collaborations, the constant involvement with the research and pursuit of the latest trends in garden art design have made the Garden Center Vasiliadi one of the largest and most specialised companies of the sector in Greece.




Driven by our love for the environment and in close cooperation with the customers, we respectfully interfere with their spaces, in order to create the “green world” that they are dreaming of.

At the Garden Center Vasiliadi we follow the philosophy of our first creator. We are innovative and creative giving priority to quality, which governs every aspect of our activities. We aim to offer the ultimate customer care experience to our clients, by being organized and selecting the best plants, while possessing the necessary technical infrastructure and manufacturing ability.

Our key feature is a modern concept based on monitoring trends in countries with a long-standing tradition in landscape architecture.
The long-term relationships we create with both our customers and our suppliers are based on respect and true willingness to cooperate. For us, that is not only a daily source of satisfaction, but also the basis of our constant evolution.



At the Garden Center Vasiliadi, we possess the most modern and specialised equipment to undertake any green project, not only in Greece, but in its neighbouring countries as well.

At the Garden Center Vasiliadi, we possess the most modern and specialised equipment to undertake any green project, not only in Greece, but in its neighbouring countries as well.
Our constant investment in know-how and equipment combined with the systematic training of our personnel enables us to apply and bring to life any landscape architecture idea promptly, reliably and certainly in the most cost-effective manner.

All of our vehicles, machinery and special tools are tested and undergo maintenance on a daily basis by qualified engineers at our Garden Center facilities. The tests are strict and scheduled so that each instrument and tool used is functional and effective.



Corporate social responsibility

At the Garden Center Vasiliadi not only do we cultivate plants, but also values such as philanthropy, volunteering and the love for our fellow man.

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility is a key parameter of our business activity. We are fully aware that each company is inextricably linked to society and must acknowledge its responsibility to the society and the environment. That is the reason why we are actively involved in actions for the improvement and protection of the environment, while we sponsor activities in order to support bodies and organisations that help vulnerable social groups to improve their living standard and their quality of life.